Tanning Tips- FAQ

Do you want to keep your skin a glowing bronze all year long?

At Malibu Tan, we’re proud to offer the very best in indoor tanning membership plans that allow you to tan when you want, where you want, for one hassle-free monthly rate.

Malibu Tan VIP memberships can save you time and money by lowering the cost per session and making paying for your tanning easier. In addition, our VIP membership plans offer product discounts, FREE upgrade tans, membership discounts on upgrade equipment, plus other specials and discount offers throughout the year.

With a VIP membership at our spray tan salon, your tanning is on your terms and completely hassle-free. Payments are automatically billed every month and you can cancel or freeze any time once any membership agreements are satisfied.

Here, you’ll find an assortment of frequently asked client questions about our VIP membership plans. We hope you find everything you need!

I don't tan outdoors. Will I be able to tan in a bed?

If you can’t get color from the sun, you can’t get color in an UV bed. However, UV free VersaSpa gives you a natural looking tan without any UV exposure at all. Go to our VersaSpa section to learn more

Do I have to wear eye protection?

Yes, it is required by law in Texas and most states because eyelids are not thick enough to protect your eyes from UV damage. Malibu Tan provides FDA-approved eyewear at no charge in each tanning room.

What should I wear in the tanning bed?

Since each tanning bed is in a private room, you can wear (or not wear) whatever you are most comfortable in.

Why are lotions necessary?

Tanning without a lotion will deplete your skin of its much needed moisture. Lotions can help stimulate the production of melanin so that your skin tans more quickly, gets darker and keeps its tan longer. Plus, our lotions have moisturizers that keep your skin soft and healthy. Our premium lotions deliver vitamins, moisturizers, oils, and other ingredients to revitalize the skin and encourage melanin production, which gives you a tan appearance.

Why is moisturized skin important for a tan?

Healthy, moist skin will tan quicker, get darker and keep its tanned appearance longer. Moisturized skin also will not exfoliate as quickly to keep your color longer.

Do I need an appointment to tan?

No appointments are required at Malibu Tan. Since our megastores have more beds than the average tanning salon, you should be able to get a bed whenever you want with minimal or no waiting time.

Do I have to sign a contract?

We offer a no-hassle monthly membership with no contracts required. You may cancel your membership at any time with no cancellation fees.

I'm pregnant. Is it safe for me to tan?

Medical professionals do not know the effects of heat on the unborn child. We recommend you take advantage of our UV-Free Tanning System or our Freeze program to temporarily suspend your tanning membership.  It has been noted that there is no problem tanning up until your last

trimester, due to the fact that you are more susceptible to over-heating.

How do I know that the beds are clean?

We use FDA-approved cleaning solutions after every customer’s tanning session. The solution is tested daily to ensure proper sanitizing properties exist.

How often do you change the bulbs in each bed?

We follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for bulb replacement so that you will achieve the best results from your sessions. We typically change our bulbs 200 hours before their capacity so your tan doesn’t suffer from weaker UV rays. We want to make sure you always get more BANG for your BUCK!