Membership FAQ

Do you want to keep your skin a glowing bronze all year long?

At Malibu Tan, we’re proud to offer the very best in indoor tanning membership plans that allow you to tan when you want, where you want, for one hassle-free monthly rate.

Malibu Tan VIP memberships can save you time and money by lowering the cost per session and making paying for your tanning easier. In addition, our VIP membership plans offer product discounts, FREE upgrade tans, membership discounts on upgrade equipment, plus other specials and discount offers throughout the year.

With a VIP membership at our spray tan salon, your tanning is on your terms and completely hassle-free. Payments are automatically billed every month and you can cancel or freeze any time once any membership agreements are satisfied.

Here, you’ll find an assortment of frequently asked client questions about our VIP membership plans. We hope you find everything you need!

How does the VIP membership work?

Malibu Tan is all about convenience. We want you to tan however you want, wherever you want! That’s why our VIP memberships are built around our hassle-free automatic monthly payment system. Once you’ve fulfilled the initial signup payment, the rest of your payments are made automatically. So all you have to do is lie back, relax, and build your bronze!

Setting up automatic payment is fast and easy. Talk to your Malibu Tan Tanning Consultant to find out which one of our VIP memberships is the perfect fit for you. Remember, if you’re under 18, your parent or guardian must accompany you in order to set up your VIP membership.

Be sure to bring a valid credit or debit card or a voided check to get your automatic payments set up. We’re a locally operated business available for your membership concerns any time during normal salon hours. You can feel confident setting up automatic payment options with us.

Once set up, the auto-pay system works just like other automatically billed membership services. Your payments will be made automatically at the same time each month using the method of payment you indicated when you signed up. Once your payments are active, you’re free to tan when it is most convenient for you—it’s that easy!

Can I tan at any Malibu Tan location?

Yes! With all our VIP Memberships you may tan at any Malibu Tan location!

How do I change my billing information?

Changing your automatic payment information is easy and as convenient as your closest Malibu Tan location. To make any billing changes, please stop by one of our salons during normal business hours and speak with a Tanning Consultant in person. He or she will be able to provide you with any help you need regarding your VIP membership including billing information, upgrades, and additional product information.

For the fastest service possible, have your credit or debit card or voided check with you when you arrive so that your Tanning Consultant can retrieve your information quickly and make your requested changes. Your Tanning Consultant will be happy to take care of everything so that you can get back to being pampered.

If you are unable to get to your salon, please contact Client Services via email at or phone at 281-617-7611.

Can I place a hold on my VIP membership?

For your convenience, we do allow VIP memberships to be frozen. If you need to take a break from sun tanning you can freeze your account at any time after your first monthly draft has been met.Once you decide it’s time to freeze your account, simply visit any Malibu Tan salon location and speak with a Tanning Consultant. He or she will have you complete a Stay and Save Request form and get your account placed on a freeze; there is no cost to you up front. Be sure to submit your request at least 15 days prior to your upcoming draft for there to be no additional monthly charges to the account. It’s that easy!

While your account is frozen, a $5 automatic freeze payment will continue to be applied to your account every month for as long as your account is on hold. When it’s time to get back to tanning, simply come back to Malibu Tan and request that the freeze be lifted and the membership resumed. All the monthly freeze payments that have been applied to your account will be credited back towards you in the form of in-store credit.

There are no penalties, new enrollments, or change of terms with enrollment in our Stay and Save program—just the break you need when life gets busy. And after reactivation, you’re welcome to continue to tan how you want, wherever you want!

How do I cancel my VIP membership?

Before you consider canceling your VIP membership, consider taking advantage of our flexible upgrade and downgrade options or freezing your account until you’re ready to tan again. We know you love sun tanning and sunless tanning and we love providing you with everything you need to pamper yourself! Talk to your Malibu Tan Tanning Consultant to see if there is an option that can meet your needs.

Remember, to avoid being billed for the next month after you decide to cancel, you need to stop by your closest Malibu Tan to complete the cancellation request form with a 15 day notice.

We hope that your Tanning Consultant is able to provide you with an alternative to your current membership that keeps you looking great, feeling great, and tanning with Malibu Tan. After all, you’re worth it! If you still want to cancel your Malibu Tan VIP account, we ask you to stop by your local salon to complete the cancel request in writing and provide at least a 15 day notice. If it is simply not convenient to get to your nearest Malibu Tan, please contact Client Services at 281-617-7611 and we can email or fax you the cancel request form. We do not accept any cancel requests via the phone.